Acrylic gouache: Studio vlog art supplies list

Acrylic gouache: Studio vlog art supplies list

Hi loves!

In this vlog I’m finishing three different paintings that I left half-way done some time ago. I will be painting with Holbein’s acrylic gouache and Liquitex acrylic gouache. I hope that you can some tricks and if you have any questions just let me know! 


If you have watched the video already and what you are looking for is my art supplies list, here it is! Have fun! 


  • Princeton Velvetouch Filbert 6
  • Princeton Velvetouch Long Round 2 
  • Princeton Velvetouch Mini Round 0

Holbein's acrylic gouache colors:

  • Grass green
  • Light blue
  • Burnt sienna
  • Deep Yellow
  • Shell Pink
  • Orange
  • Vermillion
  • Blue green
  • Primary white

Liquitex acrylic gouache colors:

  • Ultramarine blue red shade
  • Dioxazine purple
  • Titanium white


  • Canson Montval 300gsm Fine grain watercolor paper (my favorite paper for gouache, watercolor or paint markers)
  • Hahnemuhle Britania 300gsm Fine grain watercolor paper (a great paper for gouache and watercolors, I absolutely love it)


  • Three jars with water to make sure the brushes are clean. Rinse the brushes three times to clean them and change the water often. This way you will avoid muddy colors.
  • A simple towel to pat dry the brushes. I also like using kitchen paper.
  • Pentel sharp mechanical pencil 0.5mm
  • Blue color 0.5mm Pentel mechanical pencil nibs 
  • Pentel Clic Retractable Eraser with Grip

Leave me a comment if you have any questions of if you are missing something in the list.



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