Best paper for paint markers and my first video tutorial's art supplies list.

Have you recently bought a nice set of paint markers and quickly realized that you can't find the right paper for them? I have been there too! But, don't worry, I have put together a tutorial on my new YouTube channel, and here is the complete list of art supplies that I used. 

List of art supplies:

1- Watercolour book from the brand Hahnëmuhle.

This is a fine-grain 200gsm watercolor sketchbook. You can find it in many sizes and also in either portrait or landscape format.

If you can't find this specific paper I would recommend you trying Canson Montval watercolor paper in 300gsm. It is actually my favorite paper and it is the one I use for most of my Instagram posts. You can find it in many different formats and also in individual sheets.

Is this brand unavailable where you live? Then I would suggest you try a 300gsm hot pressed or fine grain watercolor paper. Ask for something like that at your art supplies store and try a few samples before committing to a complete book.

2- Daler Rowney student grade sketchbook in A5 format.

I use this for testing the markers and making color studies. Making small color studies helps me setting the general style of the painting and is it also a good way to save the expensive paper for the moment I have a clear idea of what I want to paint. 

3- Paint markers. For this painting I used the following markers:

- Posca No.51 "Light Pink": pc-3m and pc-1m (these codes refer to the sizes).

- Posca No.13 "Pink": pc-5m and pc-1m.

- Posca No. 11 "Fuchsia": pc-3m.

- Posca No. 6 "Green": pc-3m and pc-1m.

- Molotow One4all acrylic marker No.221 "Grasshopper": 1.5mm size.

- Amsterdam acrylic marker No.385 "Quinacridone rose light": S size.

4- A cheap towel or cloth to clean the plastic nib of the finer markers.

Remember that it is very important to shake the markers very well before use and in the case of the finer markers (with a plastic nib) to clean them from old paint. 

5 (optional)- A coloring page with a floral design I made for you.

Printable coloring page with a floral pattern design | € 1.95

If you would like to paint the exact same design, you can get this printable coloring page so you don't need to spend any time making the drawing!

I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial and that it helped you in your quest to find the right paper for this beautiful medium. Come and join our beautiful community of creative minds on Instagram @lauritapia for more ideas, inspiration, and happy vibes.




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