Working with acrylic inks: Studio vlog shopping list

Working with acrylic inks: Studio vlog shopping list

Hi everyone!

Today I released my first studio vlog to my YouTube channel. In this vlog I would like to show you what my week as an illustrator a store owner looks like. You can watch it here:




If you have watched the video already and what you are looking for is my art supplies list, here it is! Have fun! 

Acrylic inks

Brand: Schmincke / Aero color 


- No. 28 847 (total cover) Phthalo turquoise.

- No. 28 841 (total cover) Phthalo blue.

- No. 28 833 (total cover) Ruby red.

- No. 28 306 Brilliant red.

- No. 28 821 (total cover) Brilliant yellow.

- No. 28 101 (total cover) Supra white.

- No. 28 8686 (total cover) Naphtol orange.

Empty pen:

Brand: Aero color professional liner.

- No. 4 1mm


Brand: Arches

- 300gsm hot pressed watercolour paper. 100% cotton.


- Da vinci Junior synthetics. No.4 (for the drawing gum)

- Soft bristle round brush (I am sorry, my brush is so old that either the brand and size are erased...)

Drawing gum (AKA masking fluid):

Brand: Pebeo

- Drawing gum. 45ml.


Leave me a comment if you have any questions!



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