My name is Laura but friends call me Lauri :-)

I am a Spanish graphic designer living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Designing is my passion. Whether working on an assignment or just sketching some ideas on paper, my mind is always busy thinking of creating illustrations that might make people’s lives happier (I hope).

I love sharing my knowledge of art and share it with others on social media. 

It all started like this...

5 years ago, I opened an Instagram account to share the drawings that I was making after work and soon it became a big part of my life.

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I opened this store in 2020

I opened this shop because next to making art I love crafting cute things.

All my items are handmade which means that I design, print and cut everything in my studio in Amsterdam.

*This was my first attempt to product photography :-)

Let's meet!

I recently started a YouTube channel to share with you how I craft all the products in my shop, my art process and bits of my life in Amsterdam.

Thank you so much for your support!

When you place an order in this shop you're supporting my art journey, which is amazing. Thanks for visiting my art store and also, thanks for reading all this!

Love, Lauri

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